How We Can Help You

Examples of how Training Insight has assisted clients:

Eliminating Unnecessary Steps

Training Insight has created computerized financial systems for sole proprietors and larger firms by eliminating multiple steps in multiple programs. One complete software solution saved time and captured all necessary data.

Creating User-Friendly Tools For Your Staff

Businesses that bill by the hour have benefited from drop-down menu choices in a pre-set company file. These tools ensure that staffs have user-friendly tools to enter their time and expenses.

Saving Time And Money

Many firms have streamlined their accounting procedures by linking their time and billing and financial applications together. This complete result has saved time plus eliminated any loss of revenue or expense possible with manual data entry.

Giving a Clearer Financial Overview

After learning about a firm’s needs, Training Insight has suggested alternate options of tracking and reporting financial information. Accounting terms are translated to meaningful descriptions to more accurately reflect a firm’s financial picture for the client and tax preparer.

Improving Billing and Invoices

Various offices have improved the appearance of their client bills while reporting all retainer activity and balances. Other services organizations have needed multiple billing rates plus a variety of unique billing scenarios, all of which are possible with the proper computer tools.